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DataSunrise Data Audit for PgBouncer

DataSunrise supports connection pooling with PgBouncer and conducts data audit in the real time. DataSunrise knows how to get the genuine source of transactions performed by PgBouncer. Network traffic is continuously monitored and logged. Data audit helps to detect cyber attacks and reveal potential threats. Be aware of what’s going on in your database and keep track of database activities of your employees.
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PgBouncer Data Audit

DataSunrise provides the detailed description of database activities, including codes of SQL transactions, execution results, session data with IP addresses, application,  host names, occurred errors and configuration changes and many other parameters.

DataSunrise has easy-configurable settings to adjust the software to solve various corporate issues. Investigation of a cyber crime doesn’t go without audit logs. Being able to constantly monitor database activities allows administrators timely take measures against potential security threats. DataSunrise can be configured to notify of suspicious actions of users, including queries that are not in the whitelist which is created according to the comprehensive analysis of typical transactions for the given environment.

Moreover, it helps to comply with requirements of PCI-DSS, SOX, and HIPAA standards. It also can be integrated with SIEM solutions to provide real-time analysis of security threats.

  DataSunrise Data Audit for PgBouncer

PgBouncer Data Audit performed by DataSunrise

PgBouncer is a robust software that is used to pool database connections. PgBouncer on PostgreSQL or Greenplum databases allows to reduce processing time, reduce consumption of server resources by using existing connections instead of creating a new connection for every transaction. PgBouncer is used as a proxy, so the clients need to connect to the PgBouncer not the database directly, which can create some issues when it comes to data audit.

There are two different ways of co-functioning of PgBouncer and DataSunrise. DataSunrise can be deployed between client apps and the PgBouncer. PgBouncer Data Audit, in this case, is performed in a typical way. If DataSunrise is deployed between the PgBouncer and the database, then client transactions will have hosts assigned by the connection pooler. In this case, DataSunrise is able to retrieve the real source of the queries and audit them.