Security Rules Against SQL Injections

Security Rules Against SQL Injections

SQL injection is a web security vulnerability that allows a cybercriminal to get access to a database through a web application linked to this database. The attacker interferes with the queries from this web application directed at the database. As a result, the attacker can view and retrieve data that is normally hidden. In most cases, a hacker is able to modify or delete the data, which leads to data exposure and loss, or makes persistent changes to the application’s content or behavior.

One of the ways to protect your databases against SQL injections is to use Database Security module included in DataSunrise Database Security Suite. This security tool works based on a set of security rules that are highly versatile and customizable.

In order to set up a security rule with DataSunrise you need to do the following:

  1. Navigate Security → Rules. After that click Add Rule.
  2. Security Rules Against SQL Injections
  3. Give a name to your security rule. After that select the database type and instance. In the Comment section you can add any comments on the current rule.
  4. Security Rules Against SQL Injections
  5. In the Action subsection you can specify to log all events in storage, a blocking method, schedule and subscriber. For more detailed information please refer to the DataSunrise User Guide and DataSunrise Administrator Guide. If you want DataSunrise to ignore a specific query check the Allow action.
  6. Security Rules Against SQL InjectionsSecurity Rules Against SQL Injections
  7. In the Filter Sessions you can specify for which user or a group of users you’re setting the security rule for. In the picture we’ve specified the postgres user of the Postgres database.
  8. Security Rules Against SQL Injections
  9. As we’re talking today about how DataSunrise can protect you against SQL injections, the Filter Statements subsection has a specific section for that. In the picture below you can see the parameters you can set to protect your databases against SQL injections. Protection against SQL queries is based on the system of penalty points. Every query to the database is evaluated and penalty points are awarded. For example, if a query contains OR expression it’s awarded 10 points. The penalty points can be adjusted to meet specific customer needs. If a query reaches the warning level, a message is sent to the database security team. In case a query reaches the blocking level it’s blocked.
  10. Security Rules Against SQL Injections

Click Save Rule at the bottom of the rule creation page to save the rule and make in active immediately.

Unfortunately, SQL injection is a very effective way of hacking databases. However, the DataSunrise Database Security Suite is a highly efficient tool for counteracting any SQL injections for safety of your sensitive data!

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