DataSunrise Database Performance Monitoring for Amazon Redshift

DataSunrise Database Performance Monitoring for Amazon Redshift offers helpful insights into DBMS processes. Any obstacles found during your database operation can be eliminated through DBMS performance assessment based on information provided by DataSunrise. It allows to identify weak points in separate operations, evaluate queries executed in transactions, assess operating delays, detect any errors induced, etc.

Tech Info

Along with three salient features, i.e. Database Activity Monitoring, Database Firewall and Dynamic Data Masking, DataSunrise Software for Amazon Redshift can be effectively used to monitor database performance and identify bottlenecks during database operation.

DB developers may appreciate the following performance monitoring tools provided by DataSunrise Data and Database Security Suite that can be effectively useful for DBMS performance and operating delay assessment:

  • Logging of all queries to the database. Evaluate queries executed in transactions and eliminate weak points in separate operations. Looking through the list of SQL commands logged by DataSunrise can help to point out some DB performance problems your database encounters, analyze them with almost no difficulty and find solutions to them.
  • Query response logging. It may be necessary, if logging provided by an application is not enough or it is not supported altogether.
  • Query execution time as well as tracking of query change dynamics in time;
  • Query types and execution frequency in accordance with the query types (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE/SELECT);
  • Row number in INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE/SELECT operations accompanied by diagrams of their changing in time;
  • General information on the number of operations per second;
  • Data volume transmitted/received by the server, etc.

DataSunrise with its integrated monitoring and protection tools can thus be realized as developer’s expedient means for application debugging and development.

Clear visibility of DBMS processes allows to instantly detect what affects database performance requiring no additional tools for your database.

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