Database & Data Security, Data Masking, Data Audit and Data Discovery from DataSunrise

DataSunrise Database Security solves real-time database protection needs and data security compliance requirements.
DataSunrise data-centric security includes database application firewall to detect and block SQL injections and unauthorized access attempts, database activity monitoring and data auditing, data masking solutions to obfuscate sensitive data in order to prevent the accidental data leaks and data classification to discover any sensitive data.

DataSunrise is hiding and securing the databases it protects. DataSunrise can be deployed easily in the cloud or on-premises.

DataSunrise Database Security supports all major vendors of databases and data warehouses. DataSunrise secures databases running on most operating systems (Windows, Linux, UNIX) and features a user-friendly, comprehensive user interface.

DataSunriseā€™s Discovery of Sensitive and Privacy Data enables the visibility into security intelligence, classification of the data and empowers organizations to mitigate the risks.

DataSunrise is integrated with third-party SIEM systems such as Splunk, HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar, McAfee or other security solutions.

DataSunrise helps in ensuring the compliance with security standards such as HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI or GDPR.

Key Benefits

DataSunrise Database Security protects your data and databases both from external and internal threats while performing database audit, activity and traffic monitoring in real-time with high performance.


DataSunrise Database Security is actively available on the spot to protect data in Oracle, DB2, Teradata, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Greenplum, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora and Netezza databases. Due to its cross-platform capabilities, DataSunrise database firewall is compatible with databases running on most popular platforms such as Linux, Unix(AIX, Sun Solaris, HP UX, etc.) and Windows. The wide heterogeneous support and unified securi