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MS SQL Azure Database Security

MS SQL Azure Security by DataSunrise is a powerful tool intended to protect your databases. It constantly monitors incoming and outgoing database traffic with the sole purpose of detecting and blocking transactions that look suspicious and might pose a threat to MS SQL Azure databases. Also, MS SQL Azure Security works in real-time which is crucially important.

Tech info

MS SQL Azure Security is a very important part of the DataSunrise Database Security Suite which is a solution that guarantees integrity and safety of your sensitive data. Other components included in DataSunrise Database Security Suite are MS SQL Azure Activity Monitoring, Database Masking and Performance Monitoring.

The MS SQL Azure Security solution from DataSunrise makes sure that your databases are invulnerable to any cyber attacks. Deployed in the Proxy mode DataSunrise acts as an intermediary between the database and clients and blocks unauthorized access attempts. Security acts as a firewall governed by the preset security rules which are easy to configure. So DBAs and database owners can fine-tune the database security to their specific needs.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Security

What MS SQL Azure Security does is continuous monitoring and keeping track of all transactions related to the database. If a suspicious or malicious behavior is detected, it’s immediately terminated, the user is cut from the database and a notification is generated to inform selected subscribers through SNMP or SMPT.

DataSunrise Database Security Suite for MS SQL Azure can be useful for both big and small companies wishing and having to comply with a wide range of national and international sensitive data protection regulation. Whatever you need to protect your MS SQL Azure from DataSunrise can give it to you! And, of course, DataSunrise Database Security Suite runs on both Linux and Windows.