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Google Cloud SQL Database Real Time Protection by DataSunrise

DataSunrise Database Security is a very powerful solution for Google Cloud SQL databases. This tool helps to be compliant with national and international standards. Also, Google Cloud SQL Security finds all possible database vulnerabilities and tracks possible suspicious insider activity. The Security tool intercepts requests and blocks or modifies them if they don’t meet some security rules set by database administrators or owners. Google Cloud SQL Security is a tool that can be easily deployed and doesn’t hinder database performance.

Tech info

Google Cloud SQL Security from DataSunrise is a versatile security tool designed to take care of every possible security threat to your database. For this, it analyses all database traffic in accordance with the Security Rules.

After you’ve deployed Google Cloud SQL Security you can start it in the Self-Learning Mode. This algorithm examines database-related traffic and creates a whitelist of approved SQL queries usual for a specific environment. After that, only queries that meet the whitelist requirements will reach the databases. All other queries are blocked and DB admins are notified.

Information on all database activity, including the “good” and “bad” queries and also the result of their execution is collected into a report that can be generated for any period of time. These reports contain a very valuable information for analysis of what’s happening in your databases. The configuration and security rule changes are also logged. This eliminates the risk of database rights abuse for DB admins. The risk of account sharing is also eliminated, queries containing certain SQL statements or coming from certain applications and hosts can be banned too. Google Cloud SQL Security can also ban access to the defined database elements (e.g. tables, columns or schemas).

Google Cloud SQL Database Real Time Protection

The DataSunrise Security tool is an indispensable prerequisite for compliance with national and international sensitive data regulations such as SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.

Google Cloud SQL Security detects and blocks attempts of malicious code execution exploiting different vulnerabilities including SQL injections (Boolean and Union exploitation, time delay exploitation, out-of-band exploitation, automated exploitation).

DataSunrise Database Security Suite is fully compatible with all types of Google Cloud SQL databases. You need to make no changes to the database infrastructure. DataSunrise is a user-friendly security system that guarantees the safety of your data!