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DataSunrise Database Security for Heroku Postgres

This security solution from DataSunrise is very effective for Heroku Postgres. Customers can protect their databases against threats from the inside and the outside. Unauthorized activity is blocked using customizable Security Rules that are flexible and easy to configure. The Security tool can be set up to send notifications so expedient measures can be taken to prevent suspicious behavior.
Tech info
Heroku Postgres Database Security To prevent unauthorized access to customer databases DataSunrise is deployed in a proxy mode. In this mode all incoming and outgoing traffic goes solely through DataSunrise and it works the same way in the cloud. Such configuration guarantees that sensitive information is protected from external and internal malicious actions and a potential threat of user negligence. DataSunrise Security tool works on Heroku Postgres using a set of user-created Rules. Based on these rules all queries are subjected to deep analysis and those violating the Rules are blocked. Here are the additional advantages you have when using DataSunrise on Heroku Postgres. 1) No restriction on a database type or a number of databases you’re currently using or planning to use, including cloud technologies. 2) The use of database protection tools is obligatory for business under regulations such as ISO, GDPR, SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc. DataSunrise tools make you eligible to be compliant with these regulations. 3) Different protection features to protect your database which you can fine-tune to meet all your needs. Or use all features all together to make your database invulnerable at all times.