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Netezza Database Real Time Protection by DataSunrise

Implement Netezza security appliances by DataSunrise to protect your database against unauthorized access and SQL injections. It is a user-friendly solution with a set of essential security tools for building a security perimeter around servers with critical data. You need dedicated software solution which is able to detect and prevent SQL injection attacks and data leaks in real time. DataSunrise Database Security Suite for Netezza will be a perfect choice.
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As cyber fraudsters continue to develop their techniques, the information security issues become a priority for companies storing confidential data. DataSunrise provides comprehensive tools to secure Netezza database (activity monitoring, data masking, sensitive data discovery and database firewall).

Netezza security solution by DataSunrise includes a database firewall that performs access management and attack prevention functions. After deployment, configure learning rules to analyze specified SQL-queries targeted to databases. DataSunrise will generate a whitelist of statements that will be used for further security rule configuration.

Deployed as an intermediary between users and the server, firewall intercepts the incoming requests and compares them according to pre-set patterns of malicious statements, including SQL injections. If any malicious activity detected, firewall blocks the query, so it doesn’t reach the database.

Database firewall for Netezza security can also restrict access for certain hosts or database users. Flexible security rule settings enable you to assign the access only for certain database elements or only for processing specified statements.

Built-in activity monitoring feature continuously monitors Neteza databases and notifies DBA in case of any suspicious activity. Audit logs are stored in the outsourced warehouses, thus, users cannot hide traces of their nefarious activity. In a combination with SIEM systems, you get real-time analysis of threats.

All the above combined with sensitive data discovery and dynamic/static data masking tools makes DataSunrise an ultimate auxiliary when it comes to Netezza database security. You will be satisfied with our adequate pricing policy. Contact us to request a presentation or try a free one-month trial.

DataSunrise supports Netezza versions 6.0-7.2.1+