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DataSunrise for Financial Services

DataSunrise provides automated data and database security according to international regulatory requirements and ensures full protective means for your financial data.

Be in Compliance with Industry Regulations

Manage sensitive data across different platforms and apply security rules for detected columns with high-risk financial data

Our mission is to secure your data in the cloud or on-prem and address emerging cybersecurity challenges in the modern economy

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DataSunrise Solutions to Protect Personally Identifiable Information, Payment Card Industry, and Financial Data

  • Mitigate Risks with Sensitive Data Discovery
    Enables companies to pinpoint where sensitive data resides in all databases and data warehouses. Various financial data types, including codes, credit card numbers, PIN codes, etc. Discover effective enforcement of monitoring and security policies.
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  • Complete Obfuscation of Financial Sensitive Data
    Role-based and location-aware sensitive data masking in all your databases. Data masking can be Dynamic or Static to ensure that all data security requirements are met.
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  • Ensure the Right Level of Access to Your Data
    A granular control over active security of databases, detection of suspicious database user behavior and prevention of external and internal attacks on-prem and in the cloud with DataSunrise security proxy.
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  • Protection Against Insider Threats, Credential Thefts and Data Leaks
    Monitor user activity in your databases on-prem and in the cloud, increase the visibility of user actions and ensure compliance with PCI DSS and GDPR. Advanced granular reporting and SIEM integration.
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  • Unauthorized Access Attempts and SQL Injections Prevention
    Databases are a key target for cybercriminals because they often contain sensitive data. This sensitive data may be financial information. View all known vulnerabilities for the databases included in your DataSunrise’s configuration. Make your databases less vulnerable at many layers.
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