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Data Masking

Role-based and location-aware sensitive data masking in all your databases.
Data masking can be static or dynamic to ensure that all data security requirements are met and all data in databases remains intact.

Dynamic Data Masking

Replacement of sensitive data in real time when the client accesses the database.

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Static Data Masking

Data protection from exposure in development, DevOps and testing areas.

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3 Key Points to Protect Your Confidential Data

Ensuring Compliance

Ensuring Compliance

Sensitive data is the most valuable asset of any company and Data Masking is obligatory according to such regulations as GDPR, SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more.

With DataSunrise you can become compliant in just a few clicks.

Modern Technologies

Modern Technologies

Pre-build masking methods and highly customizable data masking rules to meet every security requirement.

Masking of the entire database, a separate column or schema for any purpose such as development, testing and training.

Reliable Protection

Reliable Protection

Prevention of sensitive data leak and exposure, complete obfuscation of sensitive data.

Data protection and De-identification of PHI, PII or other sensitive data. Easy to install, configure and manage both on-prem and in the cloud.

Try Data Masking Solution by DataSunrise for Environment Build:

  • In application development and testing
  • For analytics and statistics
  • For outsourcing and off-shoring projects

Timely Elimination of External and Internal Threats

Protect sensitive information and eliminate the slightest risks of malice when giving access to third party contractors such as developers, market, scientific researchers or company employees. Despite the fact that they have access to your data, you still have full control over it.

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