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Leading Security for Local Storage Environments

DataSunrise provides Sensitive Data Discovery for Local Storage. Search for sensitive data and identify it quickly and easily. DataSunrise Sensitive Data Discovery helps you to protect your sensitive information contained in various: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Local Storage

Two-factor authentication

Full compliance

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DataSunrise Web Console at a Glance

Logical web console designed to intuitively set and manage your database security and compliance policies

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DataSunrise Supported Features for Local Storage

  • Sensitive Data Discovery
    • Sensitive Data Discovery
    • Detects where sensitive data resides in all databases and data warehouses
    • Classifies and categorizes sensitive data
    • Quickly creates security, audit and masking rules
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Customizable Traffic Filtering

Creating granular security, audit, and compliance policies with modifiable traffic filters. Handle queries from certain users, client applications, hosts, and IP addresses as a single object, grouping them together.

Regulatory Compliance Automation

Accurately discover sensitive data to enforce security, masking, and auditing policies to meet certain compliance standards. Self-managing regulatory compliance automation requires no manual intervention.

Comprehensive Threat Detection

Real-time access and activity control to ensure malicious database activity identification, automatic detection and instant blocking of statements containing SQL injections.

Additional Authentication Methods

DataSunrise provides a secure authentication service for computer networks and supports Kerberos and LDAP authentication. All major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple OS X and Free BSD, support Kerberos protocol and LDAP.

Keep Your Local Storage Database Safe with DataSunrise

Keep Your Local Storage Database Safe with DataSunrise

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