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Make It Easier to Manage Large Environments
with DataSunrise Centralized Console

A brand new standalone centralized console enables you to aggregate your DataSunrise management endpoint in one application. Available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS.

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Fast and Exact Data Search, Classification and Management

  • Monitoring all DataSunrise instances from the Centralized Console
  • Cross-environment search of configuration items such as rules, instances and tasks
  • The Centralized Console provides the same experience as if you were working with regular Web UI
  • Quick setup of the Centralized Console in a few clicks

6 Reasons for Using DataSunrise:

SIEM Integration

Exports audit results to external SIEM systems with Syslog messages, which provides detailed reports

Increased Security

Timely protection against third-party hackers, insider threats, data thefts and data leaks

Profitable Solution

Low cost of maintaining the quick setup of DataSunrise security program and supporting related standards

Learning Mode

An integrated self-learning engine for memorizing activity and simplifying security policy configuration

Real-Time Alerting

Alerts via Email and messengers to send immediate notifications to the administrator about suspicious activity

Selective Audit

Customizable traffic filters with sufficient granularity up to the column level

DataSunrise ensures high availability, multiplatform, user-friendly interface, and 24/7 customer support.

See for yourself the benefits of DataSunrise Centralized Console and start managing your large environments with much ease.

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