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Enhance Database Security with DataSunrise Activity Monitoring

Monitor user activity in your databases on-prem and in clouds, increase the visibility of user actions and ensure compliance.

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Increase Visibility into Database Activity


Flexibility and Usability

Full control over secure access to an entire database or its separate objects with simple configuration of user access control. Track incoming queries of specific users from specific IP addresses and the ones which contain specific SQL statements with advanced database traffic filters for searching and blocking unauthorized SQL actions for timely data protection. Monitoring application users

DataSunrise is standardizing the Data Auditing and Database Activity Monitoring across all SQL or NoSQL databases to simplify working with security tool settings and maintain a unified strategy across all databases.


Any Cloud, One Platform

DataSunrise follows a single policy for all database activities and simplifies working with security tools using a central database management system on-prem and in clouds, SQL and NoSQL and presents it in a single form ready to work.

DataSunrise supports over 30 major database systems, cloud providers and database services. DataSunrise has a variety of data sources to provide you with enhanced information about suspicious activity: in-depth analysis of user behavior, detailed audit, visual reports and audit trails.


Stealth Monitoring

DataSunrise provides proxy functions with the possibility of Sniffer mode. It logs all database events, while the launch does not require any additional configuration of databases or client applications. DataSunrise can be configured to receive a database traffic copy from a SPAN port of a network switch to perform a non-intrusive audit.

The advantage of DataSunrise is that you can make flexible deployment, depending on your security needs, and integrate functions with the Database audit trail.


Real-Time Notifications

DataSunrise enables to send notifications to database administrators and security officers via Email, SNMP and various instant messengers on suspicious activity and attempts to access your database (for example, queries which are not typical for certain users, attempts to access database elements they are not allowed to view, etc.).

6 Reasons for Using DataSunrise:

SIEM Integration

Exports audit results to external SIEM systems with Syslog messages, which provides detailed reports

Increased Security

Timely protection against third-party hackers, insider threats, data thefts and data leaks

Affordable Security Solution

Reasonable cost of the quick setup of DataSunrise security software and maintaining the support of compliance standards

Compliance by Default

Helps to achieve compliance with main government regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, and more

Real-Time Alerting

Alerts via Email and messengers to send immediate notifications to the administrator about suspicious activity

Advanced Logging

Captures SQL queries and parameters for an extensive information about activity of database users

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  • Sensitive and PII data auditing, discovery and active protection on-prem and in the cloud
  • Detect access rights abuse attempts and prevent data breach preparations in advance
  • DataSunrise analyzes typical user and application behavior and creates an allow list of secure SQL queries to notify of a change in user activity
  • Centralized management and continuous monitoring of databases in the cloud or on-prem help to maintain full compliance
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