DataSunrise Database & Data Security and Compliance for Teradata

DataSunrise for Teradata offers data and database security solution that encompasses a range of capabilities, including database firewall, dynamic & static data masking, sensitive data discovery, database activity monitoring and self-managing compliance automation engine.
Supported Versions:
13, 14, 15, 16
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Automatic compliance report generation

Application user translation for identifying client application end users associated with database activity

Two-factor user authentication method for extra database protection

DataSunrise Web Console at a Glance

Logical web console designed to intuitively set and manage your database security and compliance policies

Teradata Database Security Key Benefits

Customizable Traffic Filtering
Creating granular security, auditing and regulatory compliance policies with modifiable traffic filters. Ability to process queries from certain users, client applications, hosts, IP addresses, networks or sockets, etc., handle them as a single object by arranging into groups.
Regulatory Compliance Automation
Accurate sensitive data detection for implementing security, masking and audit policies in accordance with specific standards and regulations. Self-managing regulatory compliance automation tailored to adapt policies to newly added data without the need of manual intervention.
Comprehensive Database Threat Detection
Real-time access and activity control to ensure malicious database activity identification, automatic detection and instant blocking of statements containing SQL injections.
Advanced System of Notification and Reporting
Immediate warning of fraudulent or suspicious activity being captured accompanied by timely reporting on compliance with security, masking and auditing policies.

DataSunrise Supported Features for Teradata

Database Activity Monitoring

DataSunrise Database Activity Monitoring enables real-time tracking of user actions and changes made to databases to ensure compliance-ready environment and increased visibility into activity across multiple data silos. DataSunrise is able to audit not only database user activity but also application users when applications (such as SAP, Salesforce, Siebel, Workday or others) are connected to the database with a single database user. The comprehensive interface and flexible rules make it easy to define monitoring policies for separate database objects.

This feature is not supported in Teradata

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