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Our Mission
DataSunrise Software protects the data & databases in real-time

DataSunrise Data and Database Security is a cross-platform, high-performance software solution for databases and data real-time protection in heterogeneous environments. DataSunrise automates the compliance and applies security policies, provide compliance with SOX, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI, GDPR, etc. DataSunrise powerful data-centric security software protects the corporate databases from external and insider threats including SQL injections and unauthorized access attempts. DataSunrise Dynamic Data Masking obfuscates and masks the entire or partial sensitive data set returned from the data store.

Key Features

Data-Centric Audit & Protection

DataSunrise database activity monitoring capabilities enable the real-time tracking of all user actions and changes made to database. While the database auditing is used mostly for data breaches investigation, the continuous monitoring of activities helps detecting the attempts of access rights abuse and preventing the data breach preparations in advance.

DataSunrise utilizes the intelligent self learning algorithms with behavioral analysis to speed up the database firewall deployment process. DataSunrise analyzes the typical user and application behavior and creates a “White List” of SQL queries considered as safe ones by default.


Data Protection and DB Firewall

DataSunrise Data Protection module is the primary tool defending the corporate databases against harmful and hostile actions and be in compliance.

Armed with continuous traffic monitoring and advanced SQL analysis algorithms, DataSunrise detects the SQL injections and unauthorized access attempts on-the-fly in the real-time. When DataSunrise database firewall reveals any security policy violation, it blocks any malicious SQL query immediately and notifies administrators via available methods such as SMTP or SNMP.


Dynamic & Static Data Masking

DataSunrise prevents sensitive data exposure in real-time with its DataSunrise Dynamic Data Masking (DDM).

DataSunrise Static Data Masking (SDM) helps creating a full functional copy of a production database when original sensitive data is replaced with obfuscated values. DataSunrise SDM (or persistent data masking) protects confidential data from exposure and creates a scrambled yet looks like real values replacement.

Start with mapping the sensitive data with DataSunrise Data Discovery. Then implement DataSunrise Data Masking to protect sensitive and privacy data.

DataSunrise Data Masking secures the business-critical information by hiding the data from the entire database, or just selected tables, or columns from any unwanted user. DataSunrise masks the data by replacing the actual database entries with randomly generated or user predefined values.

The security policy specified entries are masked on-the-fly in the real-time, before the data is extracted from database in order to avoid a potential data leakage and stay in compliance.




DataSunrise lets you comply with regulations to protect sensitive and PII data

Locate and identify the sensitive data throughout databases

Control and monitor the access and database user activities, alert, block and prevent SQL injection or other attacks.

Obfuscate, obscure or mask sensitive data from unauthorized parties, dynamically or persistently

DataSunrise is easy to use and deploy. It runs independently of any applications and doesn’t add any additional load on the protected database itself.

In many cases the bad guys are gaining access to sensitive information by exploiting the software vulnerabilities or executing direct-access attack. DataSunrise is the best-suited solution to counter such types of threats. DataSunrise Database Firewall utilizes advanced algorithms to perform continuous database traffic monitoring and detect data breach attempts.


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