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Data and Database Security
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Semi-Structured Data
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Regulatory Compliance with

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DataSunrise Data and Database Security Solutions

Reliable Protection of Sensitive, PII and PHI Data

Database Regulatory Complianc

Database Regulatory Compliance

Manage and administrate the regulations and automate the compliances such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, CCPA and more. Prevent internal threats and minimize data breaches.

Database Activity Monitoring & Audit

Database Activity Monitoring & Audit

Monitor user activity in your databases on-prem and in the cloud, increase the visibility of user actions and ensure compliance. Advanced granular reporting, SIEM integration

Data Masking

Data Masking

Role-based and location-aware sensitive data masking in all your databases. Data masking can be Dynamic or Static to ensure that all data security requirements are met.

Database Firewall

Database Firewall

A granular control over active security of databases, detection of suspicious database user behavior and prevention of external and internal attacks on-prem and in the cloud with DataSunrise security proxy.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Sensitive Data Discovery

Enables companies to pinpoint where sensitive data resides in all databases and data warehouses. Ongoing compliance and effective enforcement of monitoring and security policies.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

View all known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations for the databases included in your DataSunrise’s configuration. Make your databases less vulnerable at many layers.

Cloud Security Solutions

Discover the Best Practices of Security Appliance
Functionalities to Protection of Your Data in the Cloud

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Your Data Is Only as Secure as Your Database Is, No Matter Where: in the Cloud or on-Premises


Be in Compliance

DataSunrise automates the compliance and applies security policies with such regulations as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, SOX, and more.


Non-Intrusive Deployment

DataSunrise Database Proxy provides non-intrusive deployments without requiring any changes to existing system architecture.


Real-Time Protection

DataSunrise security software protects corporate databases from external and insider threats, SQL injections and unauthorized access attempts.

Minimize Risks and Keep
Your Data Safe

An effective data security architecture based
on confidentiality, integrity and availability

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