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Secure Your Microsoft Azure Databases with DataSunrise

Universal database security with DataSunrise Database Activity Monitoring, Data Auditing, Dynamic and Static Data Masking, Data Discovery and Scanning for Sensitive Data, Vulnerability Assessment and Compliance automation is available for Microsoft Azure. High available and auto scalable security for your Azure.

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Secure your database on Microsoft Azure.
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3 Key Points to Protect Your Azure

Full Compliance

Compliance by Default

DataSunrise helps your business to create compliance reports for government and industry regulations and to achieve compliance with GDPR, SOX, PCI DSS, and HIPAA. DataSunrise’s centralized management of database security policies, continuous database monitoring and automated compliance engine will always help maintain security standards in your Azure.

Keep Your Data Safe at All Times

Keep Your Data Safe at All Times

Discover real time protection, a detailed understanding and analytics of cloud processes with DataSunrise. Data-centric security software protects corporate databases from external and insider threats, SQL injections and unauthorized access attempts. DataSunrise secures your data and RDS by leveraging the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation that Azure provides.

Meeting Security Needs

Meeting Security Needs

With DataSunrise solutions, an existing architecture system, databases or applications remain unchanged. You can work as usual by adding best practices for protecting databases on Azure: non-intrusive deployment, continuous monitoring, dynamic or static masking, real-time threat alerts, multi-factor authentication, behavioral analysis, blocking of DDOS and brute-force attempts.

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24/7 DataSunrise Protection in the Cloud

  • Azure Resource Manager Template for automatically deploying DataSunrise in high availability configuration
  • Quick and uninterrupted operation of DataSunrise as a high availability cluster
  • Common storage for audited data for all DataSunrise instances
  • All available DataSunrise instances monitored and configured from a single console
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Join Innovative Solutions


Microsoft Azure manages the security OF the cloud while
You are responsible for managing security IN the cloud

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DataSunrise Architecture on Azure

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