DataSunrise Data and Database Security for Oracle
DataSunrise secures and protects Oracle database against hacker attacks and insider-caused data leaks. DataSunrise understands Oracle’s behavior and is able to analyze traffic generated by various database functions. DataSunrise intelligent traffic analysis algorithms ensure the full support of Oracle technologies, including:
  • Main Oracle data types, including operations with Large Objects (LOBs).
  • Various methods of user authentication.
  • All operations with sessions (Session switching, Session migration, Proxy sessions, TAF)
  • Auditing of import and export operations: Import Utility, Export Utility, direct export (exp with parameter direct=y), direct import via SQL Loader, Datapump-powered export and import.
  • DBLink feature, including remote procedure call possibility.
  • Processing of traffic generated by Advanced Queuing function.
  • Analysis of encrypted traffic (both SSL and proprietary Oracle encryption).
Oracle Database 10g, 11c, 12c.
About Oracle

Oracle Database is an object-relational database (DBMS) developed by Oracle Corporation. It is one of the most popular corporate databases in the world.

Oracle’s popularity is based primarily on its compatibility with most computing platforms and architectures (at this moment, more than 80 variants are supported). Besides that, Oracle is able to store and process data o