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Dynamic Data Masking

Role-based dynamic data masking of production data in real time. Prevents exposure of sensitive data in production databases. The actual data in the source database remains intact.

Data Masking

DataSunrise offers a variety of masking algorithms for any possible scenario.

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Static Data Masking

Data protection from exposure in development, DevOps and testing areas.

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No duplicating of source database required

No additional amount of storage space required

No database or application modifications required

Full Control Over Access to Your Data.
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Protecting sensitive information if you need to give access to the database to some third-party users while keeping its sensitive contents unexposed. With Dynamic Data Masking, users can work with your live database without gaining access to sensitive data it contains.

  • In application development and testing
  • For analytics and statistics
  • For outsourcing and off-shoring projects

High Performance Dynamic Data Masking

  • Protects sensitive data by obfuscating and encrypting the query results on-the-fly
  • Supports a large number of relational databases both on-prem and in clouds
  • An instrument to limit exposure of sensitive data both to regular users and database administrators
  • Dynamic obfuscation of sensitive data in the database responses
  • Flexible masking policies and multiple data masking algorithms
  • Non-intrusive deployments with DataSunrise Security Proxy
  • Dynamic data masking filtered by database users, OS users, application users
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