Dynamic Data Masking

Protects sensitive data by obfuscating the query results on-the-fly.
Supports a large number of relational databases both on-premises and in the cloud.
Wide range of data masking methods.
High-speed data processing
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Minimized risk of accidental data leakage
Dynamic obfuscation of sensitive data in the database responses
Functionality based on data security governance principles
Flexible masking policies, multiple data masking algorithms
Masking of separate columns or the entire database
In addition to the pre-built masking methods, custom masking algorithms can be used
Comprehensive web-based interface
Easy to install, configure and manage
High performance
Helps to comply with industry and government regulations
Protecting data from internal and external risks such as malicious hackers, negligent employees, contractors and partners
Malicious hackers, negligent employees, contractors and partners
What you get?
An instrument to limit exposure of sensitive information both to regular users and database administrators
An advanced security solution that is easy to deploy, configure and manage
High performance and scalability
Why you need data masking:
Complete control over access to your data
Protecting sensitive, confidential and personally identifiable information if you need to give access to the database to some third-party users while keeping its sensitive contents unexposed
No more leaks
With masking, users can work with your live database without gaining access to sensitive data it contains
Can be used for:
– In application development and testing
– For analytics and statistics
– For outsourcing and off-shoring projects

No duplicating of source database required

No additional storage space required

No database or application modifications required

supported databases:
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