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This database security tool developed by DataSunrise for Sybase makes sure that suspicious or uncommon queries to databases are blocked. This ensures that sensitive data in Sybase databases is secure at all times. This database security tool protects from SQL injections, data leak and access rights abuse.


Database security tool by DataSunrise for Sybase is one of the most important tools protecting your databases and sensitive data within from data theft, data leaks, and illegal access attempts.

This database security feature does the job of finding your database weaknesses and vulnerabilities and minimizes the risk of them being exploited by insiders and outsiders intending to steal your data. Also, it helps to keep under control Sybase database access rights which is extremely convenient when many different people need to have access to the database. To have your database maximum protected you need to set up special easy to handle security rules which prevent exposure of sensitive data to unauthorized users.

Acting as a proxy, DataSunrise Security Suite is placed between a client application and database. In this case all queries have to go through the DataSunrise protections system. Each query is carefully studied and filtered in accordance with the security rules set up by the Sybase database administrator or owner. Please, note that DataSunrise protection for Amazon DynamoDB works in real time. The security tool from DataSunrise does the following: intercepts and blocks unwanted SQL queries, tracks rights abuse. Also, it logs all activity related to a database under protection. In addition to that, DataSunrise Database Security Suite can be set up to send notifications to inform Sybase database administrators in case some events trigger Security Rules.

Security is not the only protection feature that can be used for Sybase databases. Use all protection features from DataSunrise to have your database protected cloud at all times!