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Secure Your Databases with DataSunrise Vulnerability Assessment

View all known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations for the databases included in your DataSunrise’s configuration. Make your databases less vulnerable at many layers and up to date with the latest database security practices.

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Keep Databases Secure with Vulnerability Assessment Solution

Threat Detection Algorithms

Protects Your Sensitive Data and Detects Suspicious Actions

Data Security solution prevents unauthorized access attempts and protects the database against SQL injections. Using SQL queries, the vulnerability assessment tool can check if your protected databases comply with the requirements of CIS and DISA. If DataSunrise detects prohibited query or malicious code, it blocks database access attempts and informs you via an email, SNMP or instant messengers.

Any Cloud, One Platform

Reveals Any Potential Data Vulnerability

DataSunrise enables real-time tracking of all user actions and all changes made to the database as well as timely reporting on vulnerability assessment. Continual database monitoring helps to detect data breach preparations, and a specific set of security rules is used to control this process.

Stealth Monitoring

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Ensuring compliance with national and international regulatory requirements including HIPPA, PCI DSS, SOX, GLBA, and more. Manage sensitive data across different columns with high-risk data. Providing full compliance with database vulnerability assessment results.

Increase the Protection Level of Your Databases with the Public Resources

CVE Vulnerabilities

CVE Vulnerabilities
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CVEs Database

Get information about all known CVEs for the databases included in your DataSunrise’s configuration. Database administrators can get the latest information about available database security patches and apply them to increase database security level.

CIS Benchmarks and DISA Compliance

Identify and mitigate all security vulnerabilities in databases and set a secure configuration posture of your database with CIS Benchmarks guidance and DISA STIGS. Get detailed reports and rationales of potential vulnerabilities, as well as audit and remediation steps.

Security Recommendations

Security Recommendations
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