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Increase Level of Data Security
with Static Data Masking

Data protection from exposure in development, DevOps, or testing environments. Complete exclusion of the possibility of reverse engineer the masked data or access to original sensitive records.

Data Masking

DataSunrise offers a variety of masking algorithms for any possible scenario.

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Dynamic Data Masking

Replacement of sensitive data in real time when the client accesses the database.

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Static Data Masking in-Place

Use in-place masking capabilities for data management and manipulation, security and auditing compliance and high masking performance

Static Data Masking (ETL)

Connecting to the source database, applying masking to the data columns and loading the data to the target server

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Full Control Over Access to Your Data. Try Data Masking Solution by DataSunrise

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Protection of sensitive information by restricting access to unauthorized users and permanent data obfuscating. Classify your sensitive, PHI and PII Data and redact with predefined masking algorithm or custom functions, both on-prem and in the cloud.

  • In application development and testing
  • For analytics and statistics
  • For outsourcing and off-shoring projects

High Performance Static Data Masking

  • Provides data privacy in development, testing, and training environments
  • Eliminates the possibility to reverse engineer the masked data
  • High-speed of database cloning and masking using database links, bulk-loads and parallel processing of big tables
  • Reduces the risk of data breach and leak
  • Offers multiple masking algorithms and flexible policies
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Be in Compliance

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