IBM Netezza Database Security & Data Security by DataSunrise

DataSunrise Security Suite for IBM Netezza provides the database protection from various threats. Netezza RDBMS is used only in conjunctions with proprietary appliances. Thus to “train” DataSunrise to work with this system, we were required to learn its behavior and network protocol. At this moment, DataSunrise supports the following technologies used in Netezza database:

IBM Netezza Database Security Key Benefits:

  • All available drivers (JDBC, ODBC, OLE DB)
  • SSL-encrypted traffic processing
  • Auditing and analysis of all query types, including multi-queries
  • Auditing of text-type data and all existing RowSet packets support
  • Traffic processing including Pipelining
  • Data processing in the case of unexpected client server behavior occurs
  • Logging and analysis of COPY, LOAD and UNLOAD operations. All known transmission formats are supported (TEXT, RAW, ZLIB)
  • DML and DDL operations processing (considering transactions)
Netezza 6.0-7.2.1+

About IBM Netezza

Netezza is a relational database management system developed by IBM corporation for proprietary IBM devices — Netezza Data Warehouse Appliances.

Netezza Appliance is a combination of a database server, data storage and data analytical system. Its Assymetric Massively Parallel Processing (AMPP) architecture features miniature blade-based servers (Snippet blades) used to execute fragments of SQL incoming SQL queries. Such a scheme enables analytical models to be deployed inside a data warehouse itself. For compatibility with AMPP architecture, dedicated parallelization algorithms integrated into a Netezza database.

Netezza RDBMS supports user functions, set functions and stored procedures. ODBC, JDBC and OLE DB interfaces are supported. Netezza allows multiple client connections and only one session for each connection. Netezza functionality can be extended with IBM Netezza SQL Extension toolkit.

There are powerful data security means integrated into Netezza: data auditing instruments, mechanisms for segregation of access rights to various database objects (Advanced Security and Multi-Level Security (MLS) to name a few).

Netezza-powered appliances can be integrated with analytical solutions from Revolution Analytics, SAS, IBM SPSS®, Fuzzy Logix and Zementis