What are the system requirements for DataSunrise Database Security Suite?
I’m trying to run DataSunrise on Linux but getting an error message: “Data source name not found and no default driver specified”
I am getting “Could not find (unixODBC is requried)” error while trying to install DataSunrise on Ubuntu 14.04. UnixODBC is installed.
I am getting a “Could not find “setcap”” error while trying to install DataSunrise on OpenSUSE 42.1.

Instance Creation and Using

I am not able to create a new Oracle instance on Ubuntu.
I’m trying to add a new Oracle database via Configuration menu, but the connection is failing because of a “Couldn’t load oci.dll” error.
I am trying to run PostgreSQL on Linux machine, but database connection is failed: Missing server name, port, or database name in call to CC_connect. (error code 201)
I’m working on Linux and trying to establish connection between DataSunrise and MySQL database, but it fails because of missing ODBC MySQL driver.

Sniffer Mode

I’m deploying DataSunrise on Windows OS: I installed the database server, client database and the firewall on one host. I’m trying to run DataSunrise in Sniffer mode, but it is not listening for the traffic.
When I am trying to run DataSunrise in sniffer mode, it displays a message: “Can not parse SSL connection in sniffer mode”.
When running DataSunrise in the sniffer mode, I get an error: ‘DS_31037E: Crypto {ha-05:1433}’


I’m creating a Dynamic Data Masking rule and I want to mask different columns (for example: name, email address) of a table, but I can select only one masking method for all the columns. Is it possible to use different masking methods for different columns of the same table?


I’m trying to enter the web interface after program update, but it displays “Internal System Error” message.
DataSunrise Suite running on a host cannot capture data packets between database client running on the same host and database server running on an Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine.
Can DataSunrise be paired with load balancers?
DataSunrise fails to connect to the database.
I’m trying to send emails to subscribers and get the following error: “Could not send email to XX@XXX.XXX Error: Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds with 0 out of 0 bytes receive”
I’m planning to integrate DataSunrise with an LDAP server and I want to use the LDAP port 636 with SSL. How can I do that?
I’ve generated a new self-signed certificate and updated the appfirewall.pem, but the client browsers still deem it as an untrusted certificate.
I’m running DataSunrise on-premises and I want to move to HA configuration. How can I do it?
Can I configure another external application except Slack to receive DataSunrise messages?
Why is DataSunrise still working after the License has expired?
I’m getting the following warning: ‘The free disk space limit for audit is reached. The current disc space amount is XXX MB. The disk space limit is 10240 MB’