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DataSunrise is Attending AWS Summit 2019

DataSunrise is Attending AWS Summit 2019

April 11, 2019| 800 W Katella Ave | Anaheim, CA

Summit Anaheim

This year the cloud computing community is welcomed to the AWS Summit 2019 in Anaheim.

The event is designed to bring together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn about AWS. Technologists from multiple industries and learning levels are invited to learn more how AWS can help them innovate with speed and deliver services with scale, flexibility, and reliability.

The event features more than 45 learning opportunities ranging from introductions to deep dives and includes small group hand-on workshops, lecture sessions, and open mic white boarding chalk talks. Topics will cover but are not limited to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Serverless, Compute, Databases, Security&Compliance, Enterprise Transformation, and more

The AWS Summit boasts of the enjoyable conference agenda for its attendees. Both new cloud users and experienced ones will learn something new, cooperate and share experiences.

DataSunrise is attending this major event and invites you to join the AWS Summit 2019.


DataSunrise is Sponsoring PASS Summit 2019

DataSunrise is Sponsoring PASS Summit 2019

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