Real time Data & Database Security Solution by DataSunrise

Why take chances with database security? Your data is only as secure as your database. No matter where your data is: cloud or on-prem.

DataSunrise Data and Database Security is a cross-platform, high-performance software solution for databases and data real-time protection in heterogeneous environments. DataSunrise automates the compliance and applies security policies.

DataSunrise powerful data-centric security software protects the corporate databases from external and insider threats including SQL injections and unauthorized access attempts. DataSunrise Dynamic Data Masking obfuscates and masks the entire or partial sensitive data set returned from the data store.

DataSunrise offers non intrusive deployments, does not require any changes to a system architecture, databases or applications. Customers can choose either to block requests to sensitive data, or instead mask or encrypt the data (both dynamically and data at rest).

DataSunrise’s centralized management of database security policies and continuous monitoring of databases in the cloud or on-premises.

key features

DB Activity Monitoring / Data Auditing

Data Protection and DB Firewall

Dynamic Data Masking

Static Data Masking

Sensitive Data Discovery

Compliance Manager