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Mitigating Top Database Security Threats Using DataSunrise Security Suite

Mitigating Top Database Security Threats Using DataSunrise Security Suite

The everlasting nightmare of attackers and hackers unleashing new techniques to compromise security of system and IT assets, leaking confidential information, and undermining organization’s database assets in particular is often the primary target of those attacks. Databases have always been reported as one of the most targeted and compromised assets.

“It’s seems rather unfortunate that many organizations nowadays lack the sufficient security enforcements to proactively address those risks leaving loopholes in their systems for potential sensitive data leaks and giving those intruders opportunities to gain access to such valuable assets in stored in the organization’s databases, inflicting unrepairable damage and impact, and hindering the business or the entity’s credibility, financial situation and reputation. Such breaches of adherence to those security requirements and standards would be considered regulatory violations and fines and legal fees will imposed as a result of taking the necessary measures to prevent those events in the first place” he added

Top Malpractices leading to Data Security Breaches

Contrary to the natural belief that we learn from previous mistakes that led to security breaches and addressing them to prevent their occurrence again, it’s been reported otherwise that the same types of attacks keep happening plaguing businesses and organizations, according to Gerhart. The most common database threats include:

  • Overprovisioning privileges, Legitimate database users do abuse trust:

    80% of organizations experience potential vulnerability from insiders, 53% of those attacks have been confirmed. Elevated privileges are considered the most common reasons for data leaks in organizations around the world. DataSunrise is well equipped with Auditing, Data Masking and Access Control policies allowing organizations to:

    1. Mask and obfuscate sensitive information dynamically (or statically) to allow only privileged individuals and application to access the sensitive information stored in the database/s.
    2. Audit all privileged users for flagging any potential malicious activity, before the ordeal could ever happen.
    3. Impose additional Access Control layer using DataSunrise Security rules.
  • SQL injection attacks:
  • Database injection attacks can cause damage to databases through passing malicious SQL instruction into Databases by trusted applications and users.

    DataSunrise is well equipped with a facility to automatically detect and block SQL injection using profile-based assessment of those activities.

  • Malware:
  • Malwares always been used to help intruders leak sensitive data via legitimate users connections using bugging servers with their code. DataSunrise can help organization flag, detect and automatically block those activities in their very early stages.

  • Storage media exposure:
  • Backup file and their storage media are often left unencrypted, unprotected from attack, the cruciality of those files lies in the fact that a restoration of one them to the wrong person means leaking thousands of confidential records.

    DataSunrise always advises it customers to keep those backups encrypted and protected from any potential data leakage.

  • Exploitation of vulnerable databases:
  • Most organization hate change and delay patching their databases longer than they should. DataSunrise always advise their customer to keep their databases up to date with the latest security patch-sets while it would be protecting those databases in the meanwhile via its comprehensive arsenal of security facilities.

  • Unmanaged sensitive data:
  • Maintaining sensitive information in Dev and test environments is usually one of the main challenges that face organization keep those systems either behind the up to date data when adopting traditional static masking tools from the production or exposing those databases by having them unprotected and sharing those sensitive information with other department and individuals.

    DataSunrise has the ability to mask data in an obfuscated static format or dynamically while for all ongoing traffic while allowing certain applications and/or users for accessing information if they aren’t supposed to be subject for those masking policies.

  • The human factor:
  • While it has been reported that 30 percent of data breach incidents are result of human negligence, according to the Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Breach Study. DataSunrise can always flag any malicious that could be result of those incidents and help organizations contain and address those issues at very early stages.

Multilayered Security Solutions:

    DataSunrise was built to work seamlessly as an integrated layer of security along with the native protection facets wired the databases protected by it suit:

  1. DataSunrise can rewrite queries while keeping the database engine free from any additional overhead obfuscating those queries when possible.
  2. DataSunrise can audit and consolidate the trails from all the organizations’ database vendors that the organization supports homogeneously in one repository using a unified console.
  3. DataSunrise can impose additional layer of Access Control policies to complement the conventional databases privileges paradigm.


The Top 10 Most Common Database Security Vulnerabilities

The Top 10 Most Common Database Security Vulnerabilities

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