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Upgrading to RHEL9 or Amazon Linux 2023: Ensuring DataSunrise Compatibility

Upgrading to RHEL9 or Amazon Linux 2023: Ensuring DataSunrise Compatibility

In the rapidly evolving landscape of database security and management, it is crucial for organizations to stay abreast of the latest developments and ensure the compatibility of their infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions. DataSunrise, a leading provider of database security and compliance solutions, has announced a pivotal shift in its support model, signaling the cessation of support for RHEL7 and AL2 versions starting from DataSunrise version 10.0. This strategic decision is driven by the impending end of maintenance support for RHEL 7, slated for 30 June 2024, and the need to align with modern operating environments.

End of Support for RHEL7 and AL2 Versions

DataSunrise’s decision to discontinue support for RHEL7 and AL2 versions is rooted in the recognition of the evolving technological landscape and the imperative to ensure robust security and compatibility. As RHEL 7 approaches the culmination of its maintenance support phase, organizations leveraging DataSunrise for database security and compliance must proactively plan for the transition to newer operating environments to maintain optimal performance and security.

Transition Plan for DataSunrise 10.X Versions

With the forthcoming release of DataSunrise 10.X versions, organizations relying on RHEL7 and AL2 are advised to initiate a transition plan to ensure seamless compatibility and continued support. It is imperative to note that the installation package for RHEL7 will be provided exclusively through Support Requests for all 10.X versions of DataSunrise, with packages no longer available from the website and repositories. This underscores the necessity for organizations to proactively engage with DataSunrise support to facilitate the transition and ensure uninterrupted access to critical security updates and enhancements.

Recommendation. Upgrading to RHEL9 or Amazon Linux 2023

In light of DataSunrise’s shift in support model, organizations are strongly encouraged to plan for the upgrade of their environments to RHEL9 or Amazon Linux 2023. These modern operating environments offer enhanced security features, performance optimizations, and long-term support, aligning with DataSunrise’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge security solutions in tandem with contemporary infrastructure.

Additional Considerations for Seamless Transition

In addition to upgrading to RHEL9 or Amazon Linux 2023, organizations should consider the following additional measures to ensure a seamless transition and maximize the benefits of DataSunrise’s advanced security capabilities:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of existing infrastructure to identify dependencies and compatibility considerations for the transition to RHEL9 or Amazon Linux 2023.
  • Engage with DataSunrise support to leverage expert guidance and assistance in navigating the transition process, including the acquisition of the RHEL7 installation package for 10.X versions.
  • Implement a phased migration approach, encompassing thorough testing, validation, and rollback procedures to mitigate potential disruptions and ensure the continuity of database security operations.
  • Leverage the latest features and enhancements offered by DataSunrise 10.X versions to fortify database security, compliance, and threat detection capabilities in the upgraded environment.

In conclusion, the transition to RHEL9 or Amazon Linux 2023 represents a proactive step towards ensuring the compatibility, security, and longevity of DataSunrise deployments in the evolving technological landscape. By aligning with modern operating environments and leveraging the support and expertise of DataSunrise, organizations can fortify their database security posture and embrace the future of secure data management with confidence.


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