DataSunrise Data and Database Security for Amazon Aurora

To protect Aurora database against internal and external threats, DataSunrise understands database’s behavior and is able to analyze database traffic. Our researches enable us to develop smart traffic analysis algorithms to ensure that DataSunrise supports most of technologies used in Aurora:

key benefits:

  • All authentication mechanisms
  • Processing of SSL and TLS-encrypted traffic
  • Processing of prepared statements and multi-statements
  • Processing of Multiresultsets
  • Processing of data import operations (LOAD XML and LOAD DATA)
  • Converting binary data to text
  • Tracking of system and user-defined variables

About Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is RDBMS engine for Amazon RDS cloud storage service. Aurora is designed to be compatible with MySQL, thus MySQL applications, extensions and drivers can be used in Aurora with minimum or no modification.

Managing of Aurora is performed via AWS console. Aurora enables its user to create a data storage 10Gb-64Tb. Data storage size is increased automatically when required with 10 Gb increments. Aurora supports database replication as well (15 replicas max).

In order to increase database stability, Aurora is provided with self-recovery function and data backup mechanisms. Recovery system reboots database and its processes if critical error occurs. If primary database instance is disabled, client traffic is redirected to operational replica.

To keep valuable data intact, Aurora uses encryption for the database itself, backup copies, snapshots and replicas located in the same cluster. SSL encryption, in turn, is used to protect data being transferred.