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DataSunrise Quick Start: Database Security Streamlined on AWS

DataSunrise software is making database protection easy and effective both in the cloud and on premises. DataSunrise protects Amazon Redshift in a few clicks. Powerful and highly customizable DataSunrise tools such as Database Audit, Database Security, Database Masking (both static and dynamic) and much more are available for your Amazon Redshift databases and the sensitive information that they contain. Also, with DataSunrise, compliance with national and international sensitive data protection requirements such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR and SOX is just a matter of a few clicks!


Why AWS DataSunrise Quick Start

An automated workflow with easy-to-follow instructions for deploying DataSunrise on the AWS Cloud.

Quick and uninterrupted operation of DataSunrise as a high availability cluster

Real-time and reliable protection of databases on AWS

Quick Start architecture for DataSunrise on AWS


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