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The Difference Between Data Protection and Data Privacy

The Difference Between Data Protection and Data Privacy

Oftentimes the terms of data privacy and data protection are used interchangeably. To facilitate the inclusive protection of data and business, we should clearly understand the difference between them. Let’s dwell on this matter today.

Definitions of Data Protection and Data Privacy

Data protection is the process of data safeguarding from any unauthorized access and malicious actions such as corruption, breach, or loss. In other words, data protection is a technical issue and includes instruments and methods of data safekeeping. It is worth mentioning that data protection applies to all the data businesses have, whether it is sensitive or not.

Data privacy, in its turn, warrants that only authorized persons have access and can view sensitive and private data. It means that data privacy accounts for the legal processes and matters as who has access to data and who defines the authorized users.

Understanding these definitions is important, so you can build the inner strategy and compliance for data protection and privacy. Moreover, data protection and data privacy are used in different ways and require different approaches. But at the same time, both data privacy and data security should work together.

One Does Not Ensure the Other

As we mentioned above, data protection is the mechanism that ensures data privacy by preventing unauthorized access to data. You can not have one without the other, but still, it does not mean that if you have data protection your sensitive data is private. And vice versa. If you have data privacy policies, it does not mean that your data is protected.

Sensitive data may be vulnerable to unauthorized users to see it if you do not have proper data privacy regulations within your company or if you do not comply with national or international compliance.

Data privacy and data protection grant different types of safeguarding. Data privacy just specifies who can have access to your data and protects data from unlawful sales and sharing. And most times, data selling is an internal threat that comes from malicious employees.

Therefore, data protection is about the ways and tools for securing data from malicious actors. Data protection provides mechanisms to prevent data breaches and data misuse. Companies can ensure sensitive data protection by using such tools as sensitive data discovery, activity monitoring, data obfuscation, and others.

How DataSunrise Can Help You

As we can see, data privacy and data protection are complementary. And they both are crucial for every business that collects data from employees, clients, partners, and others.

DataSunrise can help you implement comprehensive data protection of data privacy. Sensitive Data Discovery helps you find all sensitive data that you have in your storage. Activity Monitoring gives you a full-scale picture of users’ actions and enables you to see suspicious activity to prevent a data breach. Using the Data Masking solution, you will be able to obfuscate discovered sensitive data for unauthorized users. With DataSunrise, you will be sure that your data protection is on a high level.


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