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Accurately Detect and Protect Sensitive Data
with Data Discovery

DataSunrise Database Security enables companies to pinpoint where sensitive data resides in all Databases and Data Warehouses, ensuring ongoing compliance and effective enforcement of monitoring and security policies.

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Fast and Exact Data Search, Classification and Management

Discovers Wisely

Discovers Wisely

Intelligent automatic detection of relationships between tables when some of them contain sensitive PII or PHI data using Database Activity Monitoring, existing foreign keys, constraints in the table’s definition and statistics about queries from the database.

Ensures Compliance

Ensures Compliance

Stay compliant with industry regulations including HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, GLBA, and more. Manage sensitive data across different platforms and apply security rules for detected columns with high-risk data.

Mitigates Risks

Mitigates Risks

Searches for database objects that contain sensitive data to quickly create security, audit and masking rules. Classifies and categorizes sensitive data and determines contents that require protection.

Built-in Search Filters for Various Data Types

  • Personal identifiable information
  • Financial data
  • Medical data
  • Addresses and contact details
  • Internet-related data
  • Employment information

Simplify the Process of Detecting and Managing Your Sensitive Data

  • Complete visibility into enterprise information resources
  • Advanced data-centric solution
  • Rapid discovery of sensitive information in large volumes of data
  • No database or application modifications required
  • On-Premises and in the Cloud

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