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DataSunrise AWS ECS Fargate

Introducing DataSunrise AWS ECS Fargate

DataSunrise is pleased to introduce the new DataSunrise AWS ECS Fargate feature that simplifies the deployment and management of DataSunrise.

DataSunrise AWS ECS Fargate is a secure and reliable DataSunrise management based on the innovative Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS).

To start working with AWS ECS Fargate, you need to update your DataSunrise version to 7.0, which contains various improvements related to support for IAM authorization and other services.

Using DataSunrise AWS ECS Fargate has many advantages over EC2:

  1. High performance

    Unify your DataSunrise workflow with innovative technology. AWS ECS Fargate requires less system resources to run and reduces containers creation and startup time, which improves performance and reduces your infrastructure maintenance costs.

  2. Ease of management

    Automation of infrastructure deployment, quick and easy tracking of all updates and changes in containers allows you to delegate work between containers running in ECS Fargate without wasting your time.

  3. Increased isolation

    DataSunrise provides isolation of the processes of one container from others and increases the level of security. Thus, you can run and use any number of containers at the same time.

You can find our Docker Hub repository where you can pull and use our docker images both in the cloud and on-premises environments here:

Get the Cloud Formation Template to automate the deployment of the HA configuration of DataSunrise containers in our GitHub repository here: You will also find there a detailed guide on how to deploy the Cloud Formation Template.

For more detailed information, watch DataSunrise AWS ECS Fargate Configuration Demo:


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