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Amazon Aurora security appliances by DataSunrise

Bring to the surface any pitfalls that may possibly lie at every stage of Amazon Aurora functioning. Amazon Aurora security appliances by DataSunrise is a complex solution to accurately detect and block threats posed to DBMS normal operation. The software has interrelated built-in features – activity monitoring, masking, firewall, data discovery and performance monitoring components that ensure Amazon Aurora systematic review and effective data protection.

Tech info

Amazon Aurora security appliances are configured in two modes called Sniffer and Proxy. The Sniffer mode deployment analyzes database traffic with no actual interference in it. This configuration allows DataSunrise Security Suite to act as an auditing mechanism only.

Amazon Aurora activity monitoring, i.e. an auditing component, is dedicated to ensure no changes to the database are left unnoticed. Generated logs allow to get comprehensive visualization of all actions taken in respect of Amazon Aurora, including who, when and why queries the database.

Non-typical user and application behavior is identified in real time thanks to the Learning mode that memorizes common Amazon Aurora events and generates alerts in case of any deviation from standards. Integration with SIEM systems guarantees more comprehensive Amazon Aurora security.

Amazon Aurora Database Security

DataSunrise configured in the Proxy mode is an Amazon Aurora security device that not only detects network traffic abnormality, such as a non-typical user or unknown device activity, makes reports and provides evidence in case of incidents. Moreover, the software receives all SQL queries sent to the database, check for SQL-injections, unauthorized access and redirect them to Amazon Aurora, if they satisfy protection and masking rules. Database responses undergo scrupulous analysis as well.

As part of Amazon Aurora security, an advanced Data Discovery tool for locating confidential information scans the database for objects that require special privacy protection and allows to easily apply Amazon Aurora security and masking rules.

DataSunrise Data Masking facilitates using Amazon Aurora in various nonproduction situations by testers, developers or any third-parties with no risk of sensitive data leakage. Queries are intercepted before they get the database, modified and redirected to Amazon Aurora requiring it to obfuscate fields containing confidential information in the query result.

Thus, Amazon Aurora security appliances are specially designed to fight against hacker attacks, eliminate insider threats, block requests that are harmful to the database, ensure protection against SQL-injections and allow to control all database operations.