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Amazon Redshift security appliances by DataSunrise

Serving as a protective mechanism, Amazon Redshift security appliances by DataSunrise protect from unauthorized access, SQL-injections and sensitive data leakage. The database security solution offers an ability to monitor DB activity, notify of any suspicious behavior, as well as detect and eliminate vulnerabilities in database performance.

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Corporate data protection, confidentiality and authentication turn out to be a challenge that takes primacy in the company’s priorities. Searches for a reliable critical solution for adequate Amazon Redshift protection will end up with Amazon Redshift security appliances by DataSunrise.

The software functions in two modes. DataSunrise deployed in the Sniffer mode allows to provide complete visibility of Amazon Redshift activity, in particular database user and client application information, session start/ end time, number of affected/ updated rows, query result with the indication of database errors, if any, etc.

Unusual Amazon Redshift activity is notified of in a timely fashion thanks to the Learning mode that memorizes typical database operation, i.e. authorized SQL queries to the database. Security of large enterprises may be intensified with an ability to analyze audit results generated by DataSunrise via integration with SIEM systems.

Amazon Redshift Database Security

In comparison to the Sniffer mode that does not allow to interfere into database traffic, the Proxy mode provides more options and ensures comprehensive Amazon Redshift security. It intercepts all incoming queries, analyses if they correspond to security policies, and then transfers them to Amazon Redshift.

Timely reaction to SQL injections, insider violations of Amazon Redshift security, users and database administrators’ non-privileged access to the database is what the firewall is responsible for.

DataSunrise extensive search capabilities locate the exact place of sensitive information that requires the most effective protection. That allows applying certain masking rules to hide what is considered to be precious to the company. If the database is about to be given for any nonproduction purposes (testers, developers, outsource companies, engineers, etc.), when there is no need to see real data, Amazon Redshift security appliances enable Masking policies in order to obfuscate sensitive data. All the required fields will be masked in the query result.

Amazon Redshift security appliances by DataSunrise, i.e. the firewall, activity and performance monitoring, data discovery and masking components are reliable real-time Amazon Redshift protection solution to data leak and breach problem.