DataSunrise Data and Database Security for MariaDB

In order to secure MariaDB database against hacker-caused data breaches and accidental data leaks, we’ve created DataSunrise Security Suite for MariaDB. DataSunrise intercepts incoming user queries and analyzes the database traffic, generated by various MariaDB’s functions.

key benefits:

  • All main user authentication methods
  • Processing of SSL and TLS-encrypted traffic
  • Processing of prepared statements and multi-statements
  • Multiresultsets processing
  • Processing of LOAD XML and LOAD DATA operations
  • Convertation of binary data into text format
  • Tracking of system and user-defined variables
Supported version:

MariaDB 5.5

About MariaDB

MariaDB is a relational database management system based on MySQL RDBMS. MariaDB is being developed by MariaDB Corporation Ab and MariaDB Foundation.

MariaDB is free, open-source RDBMS so it doesn’t contain any closed modules or components, as MySQL does. But at the same time it offers most technologies of “closed” MySQL Enterprise Edition.

In addition to standard MySQL database engines, MariaDB features extra data storage systems (Aria, foremost).

MariaDB developers tend to achieve maximum compatibility with MySQL, so migration from MySQL to MariaDB is easy and seamless.