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Apache Hive Database Security

Using DataSunrise Database Security Suite means protecting your Hive databases against any hacker attacks and SQL injections. Apache Hive Security is a highly effective tool to ensure that sensitive data in databases is under constant and reliable protection. Your perfect choice against data leaks and SQL injection attacks is DataSunrise Database Security Suite.

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Cybercriminals are mastering their hacking techniques; every month sees news on major data security leaks and breaches that happen even in large multinational companies. One may think that there are no ways we can secure data. However, Apache Hive Security is the answer to all potential vulnerability problems of Hive databases. The other tools from the DataSunrise arsenal for you are Hive Activity Monitoring, Hive Data Masking and Hive Sensitive Data Discovery.

The Hive Security solution acts as a firewall intended to manage access rights and prevent potential hacker attacks that may leave sensitive information from Hive databases exposed. Immediately after deployment you can make DataSunrise learn. This process includes creating a whitelist of SQL queries which are allowed to access the database. The whitelist is specific for each work environment a database is deployed in.

The best way to deploy Hive Security is the Proxy mode (one of the two modes DataSunrise can be deployed in). In this mode the Security tool acts as an intermediary between users and the database. It intercepts all database traffic according to the preset Security Rules. In case some suspicious or even strange behavior of users is detected Hive Security immediately blocks the query, thus preventing leaks of sensitive data from the database.

Apache Hive Database Security

Database admins and owners can configure the Security Rules fine-tuning the tool to meet their specific needs of database protection. Also, you can restrict users’ access rights ensuring invulnerability of your Hive databases. In addition, the rules can be modified to process just some specific queries.

All operations in the Hive databases are continuously monitored to detect suspicious activity. If you need a report on all actions within your database for a specific period of time you can easily get this information by generating reports. In the result, users can’t hide traces of their nefarious activity, if there is any.

Hive Security can be used together with the other DataSunrise database protections tools such as Activity Monitoring, Data Masking, Performance Monitoring and Sensitive Data Discovery. These tools combined together provide the strongest protection for your Apache Hive databases and make sure that data is safe! Let DataSunrise be a reliable database security provider! Download a trial version and enjoy total protection!