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MariaDB Database Security

DataSunrise Database Security Suite for MariaDB establishes a reliable defense perimeter around your databases. DataSunrise Security performs activity monitoring and auditing, data discovery, data masking, and defends MariaDB databases against unauthorized access, SQL injections and a wide range of other security threats.
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Building an all-around MariaDB security system is not such a difficult task with DataSunrise Database Security Suite which provides a set of sophisticated tools for database security in a unified solution. Its feature include:

  • Database firewall;
  • Dynamic and static data masking;
  • Data audit;
  • Sensitive data discovery.

The protection is performed by deep analysis of in- and outcoming SQL queries and blocking the malicious ones before they reach the MariaDB database. The solution recognizes the majority of common attack signatures and SQL injection techniques. Security rule settings are configured to be easily adjustable for various needs of different organizations. SQL queries go through the DataSunrise proxy which filters transactions according to privacy and security rules configured by security managers or database administrators. Deep traffic filtering is performed on an application level. DataSunrise monitors and controls all the queries and database responses and blocks queries if they violate security policies.

DataSunrise Security uses sophisticated mechanisms for analyzing and generating a list of common queries for the particular environment. The whitelist is helpful in further configuring of security policies.

MariaDB Database Security

DataSunrise Database Security performs 24/7 monitoring of MariaDB databases detects SQL injections, unauthorized access and sends notifications via SNMP and SMTP about attempts of violating corporate security policy.

Holders of sensitive data have additional responsibilities in relation to storing of personally identifiable and electronic protected health data. DataSunrise offers data masking and data discovery features to detect confidential information in MariaDB databases and hide it from unauthorized users.

Information security legislation regulators (HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI DSS, etc.) demand affected parties a wide range of additional measures to protect the privacy of clients data and collect evidence for forensic purposes. DataSunrise addresses the majority of regulatory requirements and automatically generates reports for specified type of transaction.

DataSunrise Database Security for MariaDB runs on Windows and Linux and supports MariaDB 5.5.