DataSunrise Security for MySQL Security Solution by DataSunrise

MySQL Security Solution by DataSunrise is an enterprise-class security solution designed for protection of critical data on premises and in the cloud. . It screens and filters incoming and outgoing traffic. It blocks suspicious or forbidden transactions in real time. Highest degree of granular control ensures advanced protection against intrusion attempts, malicious attacks, SQL injections and insider risks.

Tech Info

MySQL security solution by DataSunrise provides reliable protection against cyberattacks and malicious insider activity. It performs deep traffic filtering on the application level. Every incoming and outgoing packet is analyzed for compliance with the customized rules set. In case a malicious query is detected, the blocking scenario includes disconnection of a client from DB or closing of the session.

DataSunrise is deployed as a proxy and functions with minimal impact on database performance. It prevents direct communication between client and database and acting as an intermediary between two nodes, it audits and logs queries or blocks execution of the ones violating security rules.


Advanced analysis algorithms provide continuous monitoring of database activity. During initial traffic processing DataSunrise disassembles user queries, database output etc. Then the queries undergo careful analysis and DataSunrise determines target database objects, schemas, tables names and other important information. Then the solution logs queries, blocks their execution or obfuscates database output according to predefined security policies.


Scanning of traffic along with detection and blocking mechanisms allows you to capture SQL injections in real time. The solution blocks the following SQL Injection techniques:

  • Out of band Exploitation Technique
  • Time delay Exploitation Technique
  • Automated Exploitation Technique
  • Union Exploitation Technique
  • Boolean Exploitation Technique

    Rule conditions include the following parameters:

  • whether intercepted queries contain certain SQL statements
  • whether queries contain signs of SQL injection (OR and UNION statements, comments, double queries, constant expression, keyword in comments)
  • whether queries are directed to certain database elements (schemas, tables, columns, stored procedures)
  • whether queries came from a certain client application
  • type, instance and name of the target database

    Among supported features there are:

  • All main user authentication methods
  • Processing of SSL and TLS-encrypted traffic
  • Processing of prepared statements and multi-statements
  • Multiresultsets processing
  • Processing of LOAD XML and LOAD DATA operations
  • Convertation of binary data into text format
  • Tracking of system and user-defined variables

    DataSunrise MySQL Security Solution supports MySQL 5.0+ version and runs on both Windows and Linux.