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MySQL Database Real Time Protection by DataSunrise

MySQL Security Solution by DataSunrise is a security tool created to protect databases in the cloud and on premises. It is designed to watch and filter inbound and outbound traffic. Potentially harmful and forbidden transactions are detected and blocked in real time. The highest degree of control guarantees that data is shielded from many types of threats, including intrusions, leaks and insider attacks.

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In the era of cyber attacks it is important to enhance the database security perimeter as comprehensively as possible. Cyber criminals gather up in teams and use sophisticated techniques along with social engineering to obtain trade secrets and personal data of corporate clients. DataSunrise Database Security Suite for MySQL is designed as a multifunctional easy-to-deploy security solution that automates the main procedures of maintaining database security. Its functional modules include dynamic and static data masking, database firewall, database activity monitoring and sensitive data discovery.

MySQL security solution by DataSunrise provides reliable protection against cyber attacks. Functioning as an intermediary between the database and clients, DataSunrise intercepts SQL queries and checks whether they are safe, blocking unauthorized access and SQL injection attempts. Scalable security rule settings allow DBAs to configure the defense line according to corporate requirements. Apart from SQL injection and attack signature based blocking, DataSunrise enables filtering transactions by MySQL database users, specified applications, hosts, selected DDL/DML transactions, etc.

MySQL Database Real Time Protection

Database activity monitoring feature of the DataSunrise security solution for MySQL monitors and tracks all in and out database transactions. Whenever a malicious query is detected, DataSunrise blocks the query, disconnects the user from the database and notifies selected subscribers about suspicious activity via SNMP or SMPT. For advanced real-time analysis of database threats it can be integrated with a SIEM solution.

DataSunrise Database Security Suite for MySQL assists in compliance of a wide range of information security legislation requirements including generating reports for specified types of transactions.

Storing personally identifiable data, electronic protected health information and other kinds of sensitive data require implementing some additional tools. DataSunrise has integrated data discovery feature to detect specified types of confidential data and data masking tool to obfuscate database content for third-party workers. Our solution can perform both dynamic and static masking.

DataSunrise Database Security Suite has a high-availability mode maintaining automatic failover in case the server where the firewall is installed is down. It can also be used as an authentication proxy to enable users to connect to the MySQL database using Active Directory credentials.

DataSunrise Database Security Suite for MySQL security supports MySQL 5.0+ versions and runs on both Linux and Windows.