DataSunrise Security for PostgreSQL Security with DataSunrise

PostgreSQL security solution by DataSunrise protects the database against external and internal threats. It inspects each incoming SQL query and blocks those of them that are defined as prohibited ones. Access privileges are controlled in accordance with security policies.

Tech Info

DataSunrise Database Firewall is a powerful tool for PostgreSQL protection – the world's most advanced open source database. It monitors traffic to and from database, continuously analyzes database activity and accurately captures behavior that conflicts with security rules set.

Proxy mode deployment provides increased level of protection, deep packet filtering, and detailed logging. Residing between the database and clients the firewalls audits and controls traffic intercepting packets with malicious code.

postresql security

Deep traffic inspection guarantees a high level of security against various types of intrusion. Special smart algorithms provide continuous monitoring of database activity and SQL injection prevention. The firewall blocks the following SQL injection techniques:

  • Union Exploitation Technique
  • Boolean Exploitation Technique
  • Out of band Exploitation technique
  • Time delay Exploitation technique
  • Automated Exploitation

    DataSunrise helps you to build a comprehensive PostgreSQL security system and supports the following features:

  • All user authentication methods: Kerberos, GSSAPI, SSPI, MD5, SHA256, RADIUS, Trust.
  • Processing of SSL-encrypted traffic.
  • Analysis and storage (keeping) of data of all types of queries, including specific replications queries and multiple queries.
  • Detailed processing of prepared operations, cursors and portals.
  • Full analysis and data collection on COPY operation (transferring data from PostgreSQL table to external files and otherwise). Binary and text formats are supported.
  • Asynchronous queries analysis (Pipelining).
  • Ability to convert all PostgreSQL data types, including composite, range and enum types, from binary format to text.
  • Processing of DML/DDL operations in compliance with transactions, search paths and administrator queries.

    DataSunrise Database Firewall supports the latest PostgreSQL Database releases (versions 7.4-9.5.2) and runs on Windows and Linux.