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PostgreSQL Security with DataSunrise

PostgreSQL security tools by DataSunrise guarantee reliable protection against data breach access, unauthorized access and SQL injections in real-time. Stay compliant with regulatory requirements and secure your data with a data-centric security appliance. Try for free.

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DataSunrise Security Suite for PostgreSQL is an appliance-based solution that is easy to deploy and to work with. If you take time to properly configure security policies by means of security, audit and masking rules, most of the required procedures will be automated. High availability mitigates failover risks keeping PostgreSQL databases secure.

PostgreSQL Database Security

PostgreSQL real-time monitoring and protection

Native monitoring appliances are designed to give you the full picture of database activities. DAM detects attacks, notifies DBAs and provides forensic evidence in the case of a data breach. Detailed logs contain codes of the SQL queries, results of their execution, changes made to the database content and configuration setting. DataSunrise security rules are also helpful tools for access management.

Actions of administrators and other privileged users are also logged and stored on the outside so that insiders can’t hide the traces of dangerous activity.

Advanced network and application monitoring tools analyze every query. In a proxy mode, if a security policy violation is detected, the firewall blocks the query and disconnects the user from the database. DataSunrise protects from SQL injection attacks that can lead to the disclosure of all data on the system, identity spoofing and tampering with data. DataSunrise recognizes the following techniques: Out of band exploitation, Boolean, Union, time delay, automated exploitation.

Sensitive data protection

DataSunrise detects scans the databases and identifies various types of confidential data. After the sensitive content is detected you can apply masking rules to avoid data leaks. PostgreSQL security tools by DataSunrise help to address requirements of HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, SOX. We provide our customers with continuous and prompt support. For an affordable price you will get a multifunctional security solution to secure your PostgreSQL.

DataSunrise Database Security Suite supports the latest PostgreSQL Database releases (versions 7.4-9.5.2) and runs on Windows and Linux.