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Introducing the Database Agent Mode. A Paradigm Shift in Database Management

Introducing the Database Agent Mode. A Paradigm Shift in Database Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of database management, staying ahead of the curve is vital for organizations seeking optimal efficiency and security. In this pursuit, we’re proud to announce our latest update, the groundbreaking Agent mode. This dynamic library (DLL) is directly implemented into the DBMS (Database Management System) process, ushering in a new era of data security, performance, and efficiency.

It’s essential to note that this isn’t just another update; it’s a significant leap forward. Before the introduction of Agent mode, our offerings included the Proxy, Sniffer, and Trailing Database Logs modes, each playing a unique role in database management. However, with the advent of the Agent mode, we are breaking new ground and setting a new standard for database management.

The Anatomy of the Database Agent Mode

Figure 1 presents an insightful schema that encapsulates how the Agent mode operates within the DBMS process. Positioned directly inside the DBMS, the Agent assumes a central role in intercepting all read and write attempts – comprising request packets and response packets – pertaining to the interaction between the DBMS client and the DBMS itself. These packets are then seamlessly transmitted to DataSunrise for in-depth analysis.

Figure 1. Agent Operation Mode Schema

Agent, in particular, establishes connections using the SSL protocol with two-way certificate authentication, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data throughout the transmission process. DataSunrise takes the reins in handling and scrutinizing these packets, offering an invaluable layer of security and governance for your database operations.

Targeted Compatibility

Our commitment to providing versatile solutions is reflected in the compatibility of the Agent mode. It supports Oracle 11 and higher 64-bit versions for Windows (Windows Server 2012 and higher) and Linux (RHEL7 and higher). Furthermore, it extends its reach to child distributions of the corresponding versions, such as Oracle Linux, ensuring that a wide array of configurations can leverage its capabilities.

Also, we support the PostgreSQL 12 and higher 64-versions for Windows (Windows Server 2012 and higher) and Linux (RHEL7 and higher).

In the realm of connectivity, the Agent mode shines. It provides the flexibility to connect with various protocols, including BEQ (local connections that work only on the machine where Oracle is installed), IPC, TCP, and TCPS. Moreover, when using TCP or TCPS, the Agent mode seamlessly operates with native encryption enabled, fortifying data security across communication channels.

Why Choose DataSunrise’s Agent

One of the key features of the Agent mode is its support for data audit. It serves as a vigilant guardian, meticulously tracking all data interactions within the DBMS process. This not only provides a comprehensive audit trail but also enhances regulatory compliance and data governance.

In comparison with the Proxy mode, the Agent mode offers substantial performance improvements. By being embedded directly within the DBMS process, it eliminates the need for intermediary layers, resulting in faster and more efficient data processing. This streamlined approach ensures that your database operations occur with minimal latency, enabling swift decision-making based on real-time insights.

Another notable advantage of the Agent is its capacity to process local connections. Unlike external proxy configurations, the Agent mode ensures that all requests are routed through the system, mitigating the risk of data bypassing the security measures in place. This local control not only bolsters security but also provides a comprehensive view of data access and usage within your organization.


In the ever-dynamic world of data management, the introduction of the Agent mode signifies a quantum leap in efficiency, performance, and security. By seamlessly embedding itself within the DBMS process, it ushers in a new era of data protection and processing. The Agent mode’s compatibility with a diverse range of platforms and its capabilities in data audit, performance enhancement, and local connection processing make it a formidable asset for businesses seeking to excel in the data-driven landscape of today. Embrace the future of database management with the Agent mode and experience a level of control and efficiency that sets new industry standards.


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