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DataSunrise for Oracle Security

DataSunrise for Oracle Security

Oracle Database is one of the most popular databases in the world, so it’s widely used by various commercial companies throughout the world. Because of its widespread acceptance, Oracle is the most common target for professional hackers.

Oracle and SQL injections

Oracle is considered as persistent to SQL injection attacks because it provides fewer attack vectors than other databases. For example, Oracle does not support multiple SQL statements, EXECUTE statements and INTO OUTFILE function that are frequently exploited by hackers. Bind variables widely used in Oracle is another reliable method of protection. Nevertheless, Oracle-based applications without proper protection can be easily breached through SQL-injection vulnerability.

Integrated VS standalone solutions

Oracle Database has built-in security mechanisms, but they are pretty basic and no match to a dedicated firewall. In turn, optional Oracle security instruments such as Audit Vault and Database Firewall are somewhat pricey. At last, integrated security means can be disabled by database administrator.

That’s why for maximum protection your database needs an additional line of defense which includes standalone Oracle security solution such as DataSunrise firewall.

How DataSunrise protects Oracle Database against SQL injections

Oracle is known by its complexity so it requires a high level of expertise to learn its behavior and network protocol. Due to the extensive experience of working with Oracle databases, we configured DataSunrise to support the majority of technologies used in Oracle.

Oracle firewall by DataSunrise intercepts the network traffic, picks out user queries and checks them for SQL injection signs. Oracle firewall by DataSunrise blocks execution of all suspicious queries and notifies Oracle firewall administrator about the threat. All blocked queries are being logged and could be arranged into Black list of queries considered as malicious by default. DataSunrise firewall is deployed in proxy server configuration, so potential intruder is not able to connect to database directly and to exploit Oracle vulnerabilities to perform attack.

DataSunrise supports all major databases and data warehouses including Oracle or Exadata. It also supports IBM DB2, IBM Netezza, MySQL, MariaDB, Greenplum, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL Server, MS SQL Azure, Teradata and more. You are welcome to download a free trial if would like to install on your premises. In case you are a cloud user and run your database on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure you can get it from AWS market place or Azure market place.


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