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DataSunrise Database Performance Monitoring for Snowflake

DataSunrise Database Performance Monitoring for Snowflake databases can give database administrators and owners deep insight into DBMS functioning and performance. It will help you to understand the root causes of some issues that may lead to malfunctioning and bad performance of your Snowflake database(s). Having analyzed data logged by DataSunrise Database Security Suite, you will be able to trace and troubleshoot all problems with Snowflake, if any.

Tech info

It’s very important to monitor the performance of database(s) as it contains sensitive data critical for any business. The Database Performance Monitoring tool simplifies Snowflake operation assessment, contributing to immediate identification of bottlenecks during database operation as well as operating delay causes.

DataSunrise Performance Monitoring for Snowflake

Database Performance Monitoring provides a big number of parameters that you can use to assess your Snowflake database performance. You will be able to examine initiated scripts and detect the one that causes problems. You may also evaluate queries executed in transactions and eliminate vulnerabilities that endanger normal performance of the Snowflake database.

Database Performance Monitoring also provides information about DataSunrise performance. You can learn the following:

  • DataSunrise configuration changes;
  • Successful and denied attempts of authenticating to the database through DataSunrise;
  • DataSunrise core events;
  • DataSunrise backend events;
  • Database metadata changes.

You can also learn the following information:

  • Processing speed of audit messages;
  • Audit queue length;
  • Traffic of queries from client to a database;
  • Number of database operations;
  • Traffic of queries from database to a client application;
  • Available space on the disk where audit.db files are stored;
  • Available space on the disk where DataSunrise logs are stored;
  • Memory usage of DataSunrise core;
  • Etc.

In addition to that, DataSunrise can generate throughput reports. Throughput reports display traffic flow between a certain client and a certain database