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DataSunrise Data Masking for Snowflake

Snowflake Data Masking is a tool developed by DataSunrise specifically to ensure sensitive data safety. To avoid real data exposure and leaks, Snowflake database administrators can obfuscate it statically or dynamically. The following types of sensitive data can be discovered and hidden: personal information, financial, medical, etc. After the Snowflake Data Masking tool has been activated, it makes sensitive data meaningless or unreadable for unwanted database users.
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Data masking may come in handy in many situations when you need to give access to your sensitive data without actually giving access to it. You may think that it’s impossible, but it is true. Let’s imagine a situation when database owners or administrators need to give direct access to a proprietary database to third parties. Such situations often happen when the system is improved, modified or some issues are rectified. However, when you do that, it’s necessary to ensure that the data remains intact and secure. That is exactly when you can use the DataSunrise tool called Data Masking. Snowflake Data Masking can be used either statically or dynamically. These 2 modes of operation are sure to do the job of meeting all database security requirements of our customers. That’s how the masking algorithms work in both cases: a query to a database is intercepted by the Snowflake Data Masking tool. After that masking rules and policies set up by the customer come into play. The whole data masking process is governed by these rules and policies. Queries from unauthorized queries return only fake data. How Snowflake Data Masking by DataSunrise works is illustrated below:

DataSunrise Data Masking for Snowflake

The difference between static and dynamic Snowflake Data Masking is as follows: when you use static Data Masking, DataSunrise Database Security Suite creates a database copy where all the sensitive data is changed. As a result, a duplicate copy of database is created which looks identical to the original database, however, all data inside this database is fake.

Now Snowflake database administrators and owners can give access to masked databases without any fear. Data masking prevents sensitive data leaks and exposure of data kept in corporate databases.

Snowflake Dynamic Data Masking is different from Snowflake Static Data Masking by the moment when sensitive data is masked for the unauthorized user and not masked for the authorized user. With Dynamic Masking this is done on-the-fly. That means that you don’t need additional storage space for a duplicate database copy as is the case with Static Data Masking.

Each of the data masking methods has its own strong and weak points and our customers can choose which one is more suitable for them. But be sure to use Snowflake Data Masking from DataSunrise if you want your databases protected.