DataSunrise Dynamic Data Masking for MySQL

MySQL Data Masking tool is designed to secure sensitive information in production databases by obfuscating it for non-privileged users. It gives users fictitious, yet realistically looking data instead of actual data. This way confidential and regulated data is prevented from leaving the database and the required strength of protection is guaranteed.

Tech Info

Data masking tool for MySQL allows organizations to protect sensitive and regulated data when a database is accessed by the company's employees or transferred to a third party. The tool randomizes or obfuscates information and makes it useless, while keeping it looking realistic. This way the employees are able to perform operations with data without the risk of compromising its confidentiality and privacy.

Data masking is useful when a company transfers databases to third parties or when there is a need to limit business information exposure to unauthorized employees – analysts, developers, testers, etc. There is no need for the data to be real, but it must be consistent enough to support proper functioning of the a third-party or custom application.

DataSunrise performs both dynamic and static data masking.

DataSunrise provides general purpose masking methods and obfuscation algorithms for emails, credit card numbers, dates, time, etc. Users are also enabled to create their own masking algorithms.

This is how the table with masked columns looks like:

MySQL table masked

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