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DataSunrise Data Masking for Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena Data Masking developed by the DataSunrise company is intended for the protection of sensitive data by obfuscating it. As a result, your real data looks like real data but it’s not for unauthorized viewers. By using Amazon Athena Data Masking you can obfuscate all the sensitive data and thus increase the level of database protection.

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Safety of sensitive data is one of the biggest problems for modern companies. The problem becomes even bigger when a database can be viewed by the employees of the company or even transferred to a third party. Amazon Athena Data Masking from DataSunrise randomizes or obfuscates data from proprietary databases thus making them useless, however, this data still looks realistic. As a result, the employees are still able to work with this data without the risk of leaking it.

There are often situations when a company needs to open its databases to third parties. A third party may be IT analysts, developers or testers. An additional way of protecting proprietary data is the Data Masking tool.

The Amazon Athena Data Masking tool keeps track of the Select query directed at a database under protection. When this query is intercepted DataSunrise changes it according to the masking rule parameters. So the query retrieves only masked values. Masked data is irreversible. There is nо possibility that anyone will be able to unmask the masked data.

DataSunrise offers the static and dynamic types of data masking. In order to enable any of these two types, DataSunrise has to be deployed in the Proxy Mode. When Static Masking is enabled the data in databases under protection is obfuscated in advance. When Dynamic Masking is enabled data is obfuscated on-the-fly at the time of the request.

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