DataSunrise Dynamic Data Masking for IBM DB2

Data masking for IBM DB2 enables to protect sensitive and regulated data in production databases from hacker attacks, insider threats, and unintentional data leaks. The tool transforms original data to hide sensitive information but keeps it looking realistic. Data masking prevents critical business data exposure to non-privileged users.

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IBM DB2 Data Masking tool allows organizations to prevent sensitive and regulated data exposure to unauthorized users. It is appropriate to obfuscate data when database is processed by a third-party or when it is necessary to limit employees' access to the production database, so that developers, testers, analysts could work with realistically looking data without ever gaining access to real data. In the majority of cases third-party specialists don't need actual data to fulfill their responsibilities – it is enough to provide them with an environment mimicking the real production database. IBM DB2 Data Masking is the right tool for this purpose.

It is important that the masked data should be consistent enough to support proper functioning of the third party application. The point is to make the data useless for evil-doers while keeping it usable for the users that process it.

DataSunrise provides both static or dynamic data masking. With static data masking the third party is provided with a stand-alone copy of the real database containing some neutral data instead of sensitive data. With dynamic data masking sensitive information is obfuscated on-the-fly, while being transferred to the third party. In this case, actual database contents remain intact and only database output is obfuscated.

DataSunrise provides obfuscation algorithms for emails, credit card numbers, dates, time, etc. Users are also enabled to create their own masking algorithms.

This is how the table with masked columns looks like:

Netezza table masked

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