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DataSunrise Data Masking for Sybase

The data masking tool from DataSunrise for Sybase helps to protect sensitive data from hacker attacks, internal threats and unintentional data leaks. When data masking is applied, the original data is transformed into data that looks real, but is a combination of random characters. Data masking for Sybase prevents exposure of sensitive data to unauthorized users.

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Sybase Data Masking tool from DataSunrise gives all companies an opportunity to prevent sensitive and critical data exposure to unauthorized users. For example, this tool can be used when it’s necessary to obfuscate data which is supposed to be accessed by third parties or when it’s necessary to limit some employees access to the production database(s) so the developers, testers and analysts could work with realistically looking data without having access to real data. In most cases third parties don’t need authentic data to work on it – oftentimes it’s enough to give them access to an environment emulating the real (production) database.

In the process of data obfuscating it’s important to keep the structure of data which will ensure proper operation of third-party applications. The main idea of data masking is to make data useless for evil-doers while keeping it usable for the users who really need it for work.

DataSunrise provides both dynamic and static data masking. Static data masking enables users to create a standalone copy of a real database with neutral data instead of sensitive data.

If we talk about dynamic data masking, sensitive information is obfuscated on-the-fly, that is, at the time of a query, before being transferred to a third party. As a result, the actual database content remains intact and only database output is obfuscated. Dynamic masking is effected through a system of rules (policies) making data masking with DataSunrise reliable and highly-effective.

DataSunrise provides masking algorithms for credit card numbers, dates, emails, time periods, etc. Users can also create and use custom algorithms.

DataSunrise Data Masking for Sybase