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DataSunrise Database Firewall for Sybase

Sybase, like any other relational database, is susceptible to malicious outside attacks and insider vulnerabilities. DataSunrise firewall Sybase is the perfect solution for data security problems. If a Sybase database is protected using this tool, all unauthorized access attempts are blocked in real time. Due to advanced threat detection algorithms, DataSunrise Database Firewall prevents SQL injection attacks as well.

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DataSunrise Database Firewall for Sybase

DataSunrise Firewall tool can protect target Sybase databases against unauthorized queries and SQL injection attacks. This is a comprehensive database security solution. It should be noted that the security and integrity of critical business data preventing unauthorized access to databases and capturing SQL injections is ensured in real time. By stopping accidental and deliberate data leaks, DataSunrise helps organizations to comply with the requirements of regulatory standards.

DataSunrise Database Security Suite comprises the data audit tool. This tool collects and logs information about all performed operations. Also, who and when performed these operations is logged together with all the attributes of the operations. A special threat detection mechanism allows to capture suspicious traits signaling about potential data breach preparation.

Functioning in the proxy mode, DataSunrise firewall for Sybase intercepts all incoming and outgoing traffic. At this, all queries are filtered according to the security rules pre-defined by database administrators and owners. The firewall has a highly customizable set of threat patterns that are used to identify security threats and attack attempts. However, not all database attack patterns can be recognized, that is why at the very beginning of its functioning, DataSunrise examines queries commonly used in a given environment in order to prepare a whitelist of SQL transactions. If a query looks suspicious and it’s not the firewall blocks all queries that are not on the whitelist. Such an approach eliminates a great number of database threat possibilities.

SQL injections are one of the most dangerous ways of stealing sensitive data from a database. However, DataSunrise firewall uses sophisticated algorithms to detect and block SQL injection attacks to protect your databases.

If needed DataSunrise firewall can be installed on multiple servers with shared control settings. As the firewall is compatible with the most popular SIEM systems Sybase administrators and owners can build a maximum secure perimeter around their databases. With DataSunries you don’t have to worry about the database performance slowdown.

DataSunrise Database Firewall for Sybase runs on Windows, Linux and supports Sybase version 15.7.0 and higher.