DataSunrise Database Firewall for Netezza

You’re operating Netezza Appliance and need to secure integrated Netezza database against data breach and negligent insiders? Don’t rely solely on built-in security means because efficient database protection should be multi-layered. You need dedicated software solution which is able to detect and prevent SQL injection attacks and data leaks in real time. Netezza firewall by DataSunrise would be a perfect choice.

Tech Info

Netezza firewall by DataSunrise is aimed at real-time database protection on premises and in the cloud. It accurately detects and blocks unauthorized database and user activity through continuous monitoring of traffic to and from the database. Filtering is implemented according to administrator-defined rules set. Advanced threat detection algorithms allow to accurately recognize and block behavior that conflicts with security rules set.

The firewall identifies threats from outside and within. Detailed logging accurately captures database activity and user behavior. Special intelligent algorithms along with log information allow to distinguish between normal and potentially dangerous behavior and take actions to prevent attacks, intentional and unintentional data leaks, attempts of access rights abuse, etc.

Netezza firewall by DataSunrise is deployed as a proxy between database and clients. It works as intermediary and monitors traffic between two nodes. In case of query conflicting with a security rule the blocking scenario includes disconnection of a client from DB or closing of the session.

netezza firewall 

Continuous traffic monitoring along with threat detection mechanisms guarantee the ultimate level of protection and SQL injection prevention in real time. The firewall blocks the following SQL Injection techniques:

  • Union Exploitation Technique
  • Boolean Exploitation Technique
  • Out of band Exploitation technique
  • Time delay Exploitation technique
  • Automated Exploitation

Rule conditions include the following parameters:

  • type, instance and name of the target database;
  • whether queries came from a certain client application;
  • whether intercepted queries contain certain SQL statements;
  • whether queries contain signs of SQL injection (OR and UNION statements, comments, double queries, constant expression, keyword in comments);
  • whether queries are directed to certain database elements (schemas, tables, columns, stored procedures).

Among supported features there are:

  • All available drivers (JDBC, ODBC, OLE DB)
  • SSL-encrypted traffic processing
  • Auditing and analysis of all query types, including multi-queries
  • Auditing of text-type data and all existing RowSet packets support
  • Pipelining processing
  • Data processing in the case of unexpected client server behavior occurs
  • Logging and analysis of COPY, LOAD and UNLOAD operations. All known transmission formats are supported (TEXT, RAW, ZLIB)
  • DML and DDL operations processing (considering transactions)

Netezza firewall by DataSunrise runs on Windows and Linux and supports Netezza versions 6.0-7.2.1+

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