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DataSunrise Database Firewall for IBM Netezza

You’re operating IBM Netezza Appliance and need to secure an integrated IBM Netezza database against data breach and negligent insiders? Don’t rely solely on built-in security means because efficient database protection should be multi-layered. You need a dedicated software solution which is able to detect and prevent SQL injection attacks and data leaks in real-time. The IBM Netezza firewall by DataSunrise would be a perfect choice.
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IBM Netezza firewall by DataSunrise is aimed at real-time database protection on-premises and in the cloud. It accurately detects and blocks unauthorized database and user activity through continuous monitoring of traffic to and from the database. Filtering is implemented according to administrator-defined rules set. Advanced threat detection algorithms allow to accurately recognize and block activity that contradicts with security policies.

The firewall identifies threats from outside and within. Detailed logging monitors database activity and continuously analyzes user behavior. Special intelligent algorithms along with log information allow to distinguish between normal and potentially dangerous behavior and take actions to prevent attacks, intentional and unintentional data leakage, attempts to tamper with information or abuse access rights, etc.

IBM Netezza firewall by DataSunrise is deployed between database and clients. Working in proxy mode, it acts as an intermediary and monitors traffic between two nodes. In case of query conflicting with a security rule the session is immediately closed. Another blocking scenario involves disconnecting of a client from the database.

IBM Netezza Database Firewall  

Continuous traffic monitoring along with threat detection mechanisms guarantee the ultimate level of protection and reliable SQL injection prevention. Currently the firewall is blocking several mainly used SQL Injection techniques, including Union Exploitation and Boolean Exploitation.

Initial stages of deployment are accelerated due to self-learning mode: the firewall comprehensively analyzes SQL traffic and generates a list of queries that are typical and safe for the given enterprise environment. These queries are allowed, all the other traffic is considered potentially unsafe and therefore prohibited.

Due to the support of Kerberos protocol, DataSunrise Security Suite can be deployed as an authentication proxy vastly mitigating the risk of obtaining authorized access to the database.

Another stage is creating appropriate security policies. Rule conditions are based on multiple parameters, including but not limited to attributes of the database, basic information about client application, and contains of the query itself.

Setting of the firewall can be customized easily and smoothly through a user-friendly interface. Supported features for IBM Netezza include SSL-encrypted traffic processing, Pipelining processing, DML and DDL operations processing, and more.

Functioning as a proxy, DataSunrise has a very light impact on data throughput and database performance.

IBM Netezza firewall by DataSunrise runs on Windows and Linux and supports IBM Netezza versions 6.0 and higher.