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DataSunrise Database Firewall for MySQL

MySQL Database Firewall by DataSunrise is an intermediary between users and a database. It screens and filters incoming and outgoing traffic. It blocks suspicious or forbidden transactions in real time. The highest degree of granular control ensures advanced protection against intrusion attempts, malicious attacks, SQL injections and insider risks.
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MySQL Database Firewall from DataSunrise ensures solid protection of MySQL databases against hacker attacks and malicious insider risks. It delivers the maximum level of data safety by performing deep traffic analysis and filtering. Incoming and outgoing database traffic is analyzed for compliance with the security rules set. When a query matches a forbidden security rule, it is blocked immediately - the client is disconnected from the database or the session is closed.

Proxy mode deployment does not allow the client to communicate directly with the database. The firewall sits between the client and the server, it monitors, filters and records queries and prevents the execution of those infringing security policies. Each query is analyzed for matching criteria of security rules and whenever the rule is triggered, DataSunrise blocks the query and disconnects the client from the database. Security rules allow to filtrate database traffic according to the host, application, or database user that initiated the query, according to the target database, schema or table. It also can be configured to block specified types of DDL and DML transactions and signs of an SQL injection. MySQL firewall is the best solution for your MySQL databases!

MySQL Database Firewall

SQL analysis algorithms sustain ongoing auditing of database activity. When the traffic is initially processed, the firewall analyzes incoming queries, database output, etc. All information is logged and the firewall applies predefined security rules - it obfuscates sensitive information and blocks the forbidden actions.


MySQL Database Firewall from DataSunrise is continuously scanning databases for potential threats, such as SQL injections. Detection and blocking mechanisms capture malicious and harmful activity in real time and prevent SQL injections.


The main supported features include:

  • All main user authentication methods
  • Processing of SSL and TLS-encrypted traffic
  • Processing of prepared statements and multi-statements
  • Multiresultsets processing
  • Processing of LOAD XML and LOAD DATA operations
  • Convertation of binary data into text format
  • Tracking of system and user-defined variables

DataSunrise Database Firewall supports all MySQL database version and runs on both Windows and Linux.